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Research & Intelligence

Technology is transforming the travel industry. Our research and intelligence reports provide comprehensive insights for how travel providers and suppliers can find success today and into tomorrow.

Agencies & OTAs

Explore more: it‘―s time hotel booking got smarter

Travel agents and travel management companies face fierce competition. Nowhere is the pressure more intense than for hotel bookings. In this white paper industry experts reveal how smarter agencies are increasing productivity and delivering more value when booking hotels.


The Power Behind Uncovering Revenue Opportunities

In this eBook, we detail the evolution of revenue management and discuss how responding to market dynamics while also improving the customer experience is a constant need. Overcoming these and future challenges requires a next-generation revenue management solution with cutting-edge technology that supports airlines’ path toward realizing total revenue optimization.

Reimagine Retailing through a Digital Airline Commercial Platform

Today’s modern traveler expects a seamless, personalized, and affordable experience. Airlines can no longer solely differentiate themselves by delivering the lowest price. To deliver the experience your travelers expect, airlines must begin to reimagine retailing. In this article, we explore how technology and data will be the key components for airlines to accelerate their retailing practices while achieving their revenue goals.

Corporate Travel

The transformation of the travel manager‘―s role

Corporate travel programs are going through a period of unprecedented change. So the GBTA teamed up with Sabre to look at a day in the life of a travel manager, the value of managed travel programs and the changing landscape. It reveals how their role is changing and what the future looks like.

Data & Analytics

Retailing & Merchandising

The future of hotel booking

This trends report explores recent technological innovations within retail, tech, media and travel industries and offers practical, actionable recommendations to help hotels apply these practices to a successful retailing strategy

Traveler Experience

Customer experience in hospitality: embrace data and elevate the guest experience

This report delivers key insights into how hotel brands can become customer-obsessed, build retention and generate loyalty that drives revenue.

How wearables and smartwatches are transforming travel

Wearables are seeking to establish a place among the most necessary of gadgets. Whether it is a smartwatch, a fitness band, or even a wearable augmented reality display, wearables, like smartphones before them, are pushing the boundaries of how we interact with technology.